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Up to 400% more collagen production with Micro Skin Needling

 Micro Skin Needling Therapists and stockists of Nanoskin Technology Skin Care products in South Africa Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia.

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Your next level of skin care, with micro needling you get the same quality and results  with your skin as Movie Stars.





A quick explanation video by renowned dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee on how micro skin needling can improve and renew skin with a micro needle pen.

Microneedle training South Africa

Microneedle training South Africa



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Experience the miracle of your own body renewing your skin. Experience breakthrough collagen induction therapy with a nanokiss. Within two weeks after your first micro skin needling treatment you will start to experience younger skin. And it will keep on improving for up to a year. A Nanokiss facial is far superior to just a facial.

You look younger because your skin is younger. You can treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, c-section scars, burn scars, skin pigmentation. Reveal your true skin with a nanokiss today. Don’t let skin marring hide your natural beauty. Minimum Invasive. Quick with no downtime. Feels like a cat lick. Astounding results.

Why can one treat so many skin problems with a Nanokiss?
Because we assist mother nature to treat your specific skin problem with a potent peptide rich after care skin renewal serum to get faster results. The healing power of your own body does the work. We just lend a helping hand by supplying a breakthrough formulation of peptides your body might lack during the healing process.

Because Collagen Induction stimulates the growth of NEW skin cells like it was when you were younger. It stimulates new skin cell growth like it did BEFORE you had the scar or the dark spot. These new skin cells replaces the old damaged cells and the results are simple to explain. You look younger, because your skin is younger. An increase in fresh collagen and new elastic elastin pulls the skin tight so that you look great again. Couple this with a peptide after care serum and your body can heal so much faster because all the nutrients you might lack for proper healing is replenished.

The Nanokiss CIT treatment does not ‘heal’ old skin. It stimulates your body to replace old skin cells with new perfect skin cells. Skin rebirth takes place. The results are not instant, but within two weeks after your nanokiss the miraculous healing power of your own body will become visible to you and those around you. And your skin will continue to improve for up to a year with a single treatment. You owe it to yourself to look young again. Look after yourself for a change. And you will feel so great that others will benefit from your sparkling, self-confident personality.


Superior Skin Care at an Affordable Price. We put what matters inside, not outside.

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