Scientist discovers fountain of youth under the skin by accident.

In 1997,Dr Camirand a Canadian Skin Specialist, noticed to his amazement that the skin under a scar started returning to its healthy normal glow whilst he was doing cosmetic tattooing over the scar with the intention to hide it. Even the pigment he was using on the tattoo disappeared as normal skin tone returned.

This baffled Dr Camirand and he decided to investigate further. He discovered that it was the injuries of the needling action of the tattoo needles itself that lead to the rebirth of younger skin.  The tattoo gun created small injuries under the epidermis on the skin, as these wounds healed, something marvelous happened. Skin renewal and normalization as if though the person is younger.

Dr Camirand coined the phrase ‘Collagen Induction Therapy’. The term itself is misleading, as far more than regeneration of collagen is induced during the natural skin healing ability of your body.

Now several years later, what started off as an accidental scientific discovery, skin needling went through development and improvements as technology allowed, carefully monitored by the pioneers of the technique, and clinically proven for safety and astounding skin renewal results, this treatment can now be offered affordable by nail-technicians, hair stylists, beauty salons, and health spa’s. The invention of the affordable disposable micro and nano-needles and digital precision pen used to create these precisely controlled pin point injuries opened up a marvelous world of safe skin renewal and a whole new client base for your beauty outlet.

Nature does the work. You just supply the beauty treatment in a easy, precise, safe, and tested manner. The nano-kiss-needle treatment makes skin needling an easy affordable beauty treatment you can offer to your clients. And you can be proud when you render this noble service. It works! And because it works, your business will grow.

Start up costs are low. Results are astounding. Real younger skin. Your clients will beg you to help them.

Want to see your beauty business boom? Invest in yourself and supply a service that sells itself. This is the fastest growing beauty treatment on the planet. It will soon overtake the botox record. Be young! Enjoy life to the full, and look great whilst you are doing it.