Beauty is only skin deep.

Recent biopsies of micro-needled skin shows that even on thick skin, ample collagen and elastin is produced at the shallow depth of .6mm. This discovery has led to renewal of skin with a 48 pin digital nano needle cartridge that creates a super fine matrix of collagen induction channels through the epidermis of the skin.

Collagen Induction therapy is exciting news for the beauty industry as it is now possible for all beauticians to create multiple streams of income from the same client base they already have. This means that even nail technicians and hair dressers could offer micro-skin-needling with a micro needle pen as an additional service. They will attract new clients as news of this remarkably affordable and highly effective skin renewal technique will spread. If something works, it will sell. It is exciting to enter into a new venture in the beauty industry if it brings real results. Not just a fad or a claim of the moment. But lasting real skin renewal results. Younger skin that can clearly be witnessed and experienced within two weeks.