Tiny pricks creates huge income in the beauty industry.

True natural skin renewal was not so long ago reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. With the recent invention of the nano and micro needle and more importantly the invention of the break through cost effective highly precision micro needle pen, skin needling as it was known in the crude days is now being offered by beauty salons, spas, hair dressers and nail technicians. CIT has become a smooth modern skin renewal technique with little discomfort and downtime.

The process has very little discomfort since the invention of the nano-needle. Offering beauty practitioners a safe, quick way to help regain clients their youthful looks. As effective as the IPL laser with less downtime, no chance of hyper-pigmentation and no removal of the skin the nano kiss process is practiced by nail technicians, hair salons, beauty salons and spas. Profit is handsome as the cost of the nano or micro needle is hardly significant compared to the priceless value that your client gets. Younger skin.

Says Rachel from Hair and Beauty House in Centurion, “My clients are so happy they bring their friends, sometimes I need to remind them not to do it too often The results are astounding. I’ve seen stretch marks fade, wrinkles disappear, and the overall structure of the skin is so much smoother and healthier. The business is busier than ever. In fact we struggle to fit some of our clients in on some of the other beauty treatments we offer”.

If you are not currently offering a nano needling service, don’t be surprised if your clients starts asking for it. This is the fastest growing beauty trend on the planet and will soon surpass botox. Unlike botox that simply relaxes skin muscles, the nano kiss needling process creates new elastin as well as collagen under the skin ‘puffing’ out and stretching the skin to it’s former firmness and thus reduce the lines and wrinkles dramatically and naturally.

A treatment easily creates a gross-profit of no less than R450.00. Depending on the exclusivity of your beauty outlet or easthetic skin center you can profit as much as R2000.00 per treatment. Nano Kiss Needling clients come back for more, because the results are so fantastic. It works! They even bring their friends. This is a great business to get into right now. The timing is right. Competition is coming, but if you jump in quick, you will profit greatly. A head start is a great advantage in any business. It is very affordable to start and it is definitely recession proof. Clients love to look younger. You can make it happen for them. Life becomes so much better if your doing something great and have a vision for the future.