Younger skin your biggest asset. Look after it.

Skin damage prevention rather than cure remains your biggest responsibility.

Your most important features, your face, neck and hands needs to look as good as possible. For as long as possible.
In this highly competitive world we live in, good looks are vital. Not only for success but also for survival.

Most people still judge a book by its cover. The age of your skin says a lot about you. The younger you look, the more they will adore you.

The influence your looks has over your life directly, influences the quality of your life. Your daily interactions with friends and family relies on your good looks.

How old you look definitely has a great influence on your sex life.
The younger you look, the more attractive you will be. The more attractive you are, the more confidence you have.
Confidence and happiness goes hand in hand. If you walk around sure and with healthy glowing attractive skin. Your life will be richer and fuller.
You will have more energy because of the confidence. You will have more wealth because of your confidence. Feel young again.

Please look after your skin. For your sakes.

Look after your skin. Look after your future.

The sun is your skins biggest enemy!

Make a commitment to protect yourself from the harsh ultra violet rays of the sun. There is nothing so bad for your skin as U.V. rays from the sun. Prevention is better than cure. As Baz Luhrmann says it so elequently in his song Sunscreen. Enjoy the power of your beauty of your youth… Enjoy your body….. It is the greatest instrument you will ever own. Wear Sunscreen! 365 days per week. Choose one that is at least 25SPF or better if you work or play outdoors a lot.If the sitiuation is harsh, seriously consider wearing a hat or scarf for further protection.

Did you know you need to re-apply sunscreen every 2 to 4 hours ?

The active ingredients in the sunscreen that protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays wears of whilst it protects you. It actually takes the punishment on behalf of your skin. But just like your skin would have, the sunscreen lotion wears off. Some sun screen needs to be re-applied every 2 hours, whilst others with more expensive ingredients only needs to be applied every 4 hours.

Do NOT wash your face with soap!

The alkalinity of normal bath soap is too harsh for your skin. It strips your facial skin from natural oils. These oils are essential for a younger looking skin. Also do not use hot water. Facial skin is delicate and could easily by damaged by water that is too hot. Luke warm water with a gentle face wash, or with dove will assist you greatly to retain your youthful looks.