Big skin injury. Scar. Tiny skin injury. Skin rebirth.

The youtube video below expertly explains your bodies miraculous way of healing a skin injury. If injuries are microscopic and controlled it aids the body to stimulate new skin growth, and younger skin is the result. Hardly any downtime, no discomfort and affordable skin care is now available for those people who would like to turn back the clock and look young again.

Your skin is your biggest asset. You need to look as good and young as you can, for as long as you can. Your skin is your mirror to the outside world.

What if you want dramatic visible results but are not ready to make the financial and downtime investment of painful chemical peels or laser surgery? Then look no further than Collagen Induction Therapy, also known as Micro-Needling. With the invention of the digital precision depth controlled nano-needle device and with the invention of the disposable range of cosmetic cartridges, the same skin renewal technique that could previously only be offered by expensive laser equipment and medical  personal can now be done by beauticians all over the planet. The procedure has a long safe clinical record. (Please Google skin-needling clinical tests to your hearts delight, and recheck all my writings. Don’t just take my word for it.)

The procedure is affordable. The procedure is easy and profitable. You! Can offer this natural collagen and elastin stimulation beauty treatment and help grateful people looking years younger. This is one of those services that brings real value to the world without false claims and hopes. Not instant, but results are astounding as soon as 2 weeks after the treatment, and it will keep on improving for up to a year. Treatments could be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks for even more dramatic results. The face, neck and body can be treated. Acne scars, surgical scars, burn wounds, fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced naturally by your bodies healing powers.

With a precision matrix of superficial injuries under the dead skin (more gentle than a rough exfoliation) skin rebirth is the result. Dark spots are corrected as the skin rejuvenates even pigmentation, fresh elastin (old elastin can be compared to a sun baked car tire, and new elastin like a fresh rubber band) and collagen the scaffolding of the skin cell. Old collagen, elastin and impurities are removed and new elastin and collagen is stimulated to form fresh new radiant skin. More collagen is produced that results in a thicker younger looking skin. More elastin is formed pulling the collagen cells taut to remove wrinkles.

You could be the next person in the beauty industry offering this fantastic skin renewal service to your clients. This is the fastest growing beauty treatment on the planet. A popular treatment that will soon make you handsome profits. A noble treatment. You make people look younger. You give the gift of beauty.