What happens to your skin as you age.

As we age, the process of the skin cells being replaced slows down, and more imperfect cells are produced. The dermis thins and we loose elastin and collagen. These are proteins that keeps the skin flexible. Muscles and fat cells becomes smaller. The skin sags and becomes dry and wrinkled. Age spots appear as hyper pigmentation forms due to sun skin damage. If you do not protect your skin from the sun, the skin aging process is accelerated. Young people often has old skin because of excessive sun exposure.

You do not have to live with this older skin though. A lot of the damage can be repaired and reversed. How?

Enters the nano-kiss. A brand new invention called the cosmetic nano needle cartridge that fits on a digitally controlled micro-needle-pen has made skin-needling painless due to the ultra fine pins. It also made skin rebirth affordable to anyone who cares about their appearance.

So what happens to your skin after the nano-needle-kiss?

Your body accelerates the replacement of skin cells. The new cells form perfectly again.  New elastin and collagen is formed, broken collagen and elastin is discarded. The new proteins are firm and elastic and skin flexibility increases. The skin lifts and wrinkles disappear. You look younger.

And nope, sorry, we cannot do anything about the muscle and fat cells becoming smaller.

Skin reversal. Skin rebirth. Skin Renewal, call it what you want, but digital micro skin needling plays a wonderful role in the beauty industry as it aids your body to renew your skin.