The fastest growing beauty treatment on the planet

When you own your nanokiss.




Then your skin wil go…. haaaaleluja!!


When you own your nanokiss



Your cash register will go ringa ding ding ding ding ding ding…. tingeling……….

Doctors, dermatologists, nail technicians, hair stylists, beauticians and health spas, if you own a nano-kiss you could instantly add another revenue stream to your income from your existing client base, and get new clients from referrals.

Introducing the fastest growing non-surgical, oblatory skin renewal treatment on the planet. The nano-kiss. Natural skin renewal with the latest digital collagen induction therapy device. The nano-kiss uses safe disposable precision engineered micro and nano needle cartridges for fast matrix skin-needling and healing. Anti-aging treatment guaranteed by the healing power of your own body.

The treatment feels like a cat is licking you, but the results are simply WOW!





Within two weeks you will see the miraculous ability of your skin to renew itself. You will look great.

Its just you, your micro-needle-pen, a disposable matrix skin-needling cartridge and nature.

Collagen and elastin is the support structure that gives your skin a firm, young appearance. When levels remain plentiful, your skin looks young and fresh. When levels decline as you age, you loose that support and wrinkles and dark spots begin to form.

Get your younger skin back. Invest in a nano-kiss.

15 years of clinical research and technological advances in micro skin needling now makes it possible for nail  technicians, hair dressers, beauty salons, spas and skin doctors to give clients what they really want. Beautiful natural younger looking skin through digital collagen induction therapy.

When you Nano-kiss the skin, a fine matrix of micro channels are created through the epidermis (dead skin cells) and in the quick healing process to close the micro channels, new perfect skin growth is stimulated by your body, and collagen and elastin increases. Sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars, and other facial marring is corrected by mother nature.

Not just holistic skin repair, but skin rebirth with the latest non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the world.

Digital, precision matrix skin-needling dramatically increases your profits as fresh collagen and elastin renews the skin.

Little discomfort and hardly any downtime. Resume life immediately after treatment whilst you experience younger skin.

A successful beauty business relies on multiple revenue streams. Not only is your existing client base waiting to look younger, new clients are eager to walk through your doors.

Younger looking clients spends more money.  Add your skin actives or serums immediately after treatment and speed up the skin renewal process dramatically.  Prepare to be astounded as you experience the results of your active or serum combined with the nano-kiss.

The difference you make is not just cosmetic, you give your clients confidence. – Suppliers to the skin care industry of safe, precision, micro needling pen devices, disposable  micro and nano-needles matrix cartridges, skin scanners & skin analyzers. We care about your skin. We want to make sure that you get skin renewal results, not just promises. Put the nanokiss to the test.

Face the future with firmer skin and remember treatments can be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks. You can nanokiss your skin today and go on a date tonight. Your skin will look great. Highly precise digital collagen induction therapy with a skin needling matrix cartridge speeds up the anti-aging process dramatically.

The nanokiss