What are micro channels?

When a butterfly develops, mother nature protects it from the elements with a cocoon, until it is ready to fly.


In the same manner newly forming skin cells are protected with a layer of tough waterproof skin cells called the epidermis.


When we age the cycle of new skin growth slows down and less collagen and elastin is produced resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and dark sports and we start to look old.


Applying creams on the waterproof epidermis may succeed to moisterize the outer layer of dead skin, but no penetration takes place to the living part of the skin. The active molecules are simply too big to pass through the ultra proctective epidermis layer.


With a micro channel system, none of the protective layer is removed.
Tiny precise microscopic channels are punched through the dead skin with a nanokiss to stimulate new skin growth.The nanokiss micro channel system creates natural young skin.33channel

Skin actives and serum, can now be effectively delivered on target, where needed, through the micro channels.


The micro channels will close within 15 minutes by the healing power of your body.


New perfect skin cells are induced, and starts to mature under the protective layer of the epidermis. Old skin cells are naturally discarded, and new skin cells blossoms like a butterfly leaving its cocoon. These skin cells are plump with new collagen and elastin.


When you use invasive techniques like exfoliating or stripping the epidermis with chemicals, scrubbing or laser burning, nature will heal the imperfect skin injuries and start new skin growth.


But like a butterfly released from it’s cocoon to soon, survival chances of the new skin is slim and short lived. Extra care needs to be taken to protect the fragile skin growth exposed to the elements.


When you nanokiss your skin, safe collagen induction therapy helps mother nature to create natural young skin like it did in your good old days. You will see results within 2 weeks and skin renewal for up to year with a single nanokiss treatment.


You look younger, because your skin is younger.


 When you nanokiss your skin, safe collagen induction therapy helps mother nature to create natural young skin like it did in your good old days.

 Zoom in on the human skin with a microscope, and discover the marvels hidden from the human eye.

A computational model of skin cells developing from stem cells.

When you nanokiss your skin, you look younger because your skin is younger.

You can be the one doing the nanokiss and making clients look younger by attending a nanokiss collagen induction therapy course at a nanokiss training center near you. Will you be the first in your area to add another stream of income from your existing beauty business? Nanokiss skin-needling, globally the fastest growing beauty treatment.