What is a Nanokiss?

Noun: Nanokiss

An electronic skin needling device fitted with a safe disposable micro or nano needle cartridge, used to induce natural new skin growth with a procedure known as collagen induction therapy.
‘Can I order a Nanokiss and a twenty-five nanokiss treatment pack please.’

Verb: Nanokiss

Touch skin lightly or gently with a Nanokiss to induce new perfect skin growth.
‘I was nano-kissed last week. I look younger, because my skin is younger.’
‘I’ve got a client coming at noon for a nanokiss.’


A nanokiss is an enchanted kiss that feels like a cat lick on the skin.After the kiss, you turn into a younger princess.

Jokes and fairy tales aside, Think of the nanokiss, as an electronic exfoliator that does no damage or remove any protective skin from the epidermis. Oblatory micro channels are punched through the dead skin cells, with a nano needle cartridge enabling you to deliver your skin actives on target without the risk of exposing the newly induced skin cells to the harsh elements until these cells are mature enough to beautify and protect you.

Your epidermis is ultra protective, and water proof.  Applying skin cream on the epidermis will be of little or no value. Harsh exfoliation exposes fragile skin to the sun and other harmful substances.

With the micro channel system natural healing closes the skin in minutes and the newly induced skin develops safely to maturity. These skin cells are firm with new collagen and tighter because of fresh elastin. You look younger because your skin is younger.

The nanokiss is an effective beauty skin treatment for:
* Fine lines and wrinkles.
* Dark spots.
* Acne Scars and other skin marring.
* Stretch Marks
* C-Section and other surgical scars.
* Burn scars

Nature does the work. Nanokiss makes it possible.
Nanokiss, the kiss that makes skin better through digital collagen induction therapy.