No cream or serum can do skin renewal like the healing power within your own body.

This is not a cream, lotion or serum!

micro skin needling device

Yet we challenge any facial cream manufacturer to get the same skin renewal results that CIT provides.

This is a precision electronic nano skin needling device. It is used to perform safe and clinically proven percutaneous collagen induction.

We call it the Nanokiss. On it’s own it does nothing.

But once it stimulates your own body’s skin renewal process there is not a single cream or serum on the planet that can equal the results you will experience!

We are willing to put this to the test. No cream can do skin renewal like the healing power within your own body.

Not only does it help your body to create up to 400% more natural collagen and elastin, it also corrects skin problems!

  • Anti-aging wrinkles and lines. Crows Feet. Lip lines. Aging Neck Skin, Dark circles under the eyes. Aging hands.
  • Renews skin and gets rid of acne scars, or other skin marring like burn or surgical scars.
  • Can be used on sensitive skin anywhere on the body. You are not restricted to facial use only.
  • Can correct dark spots effectively.
  • Zero Risk of hyper pigmentation even in darker skin types.
  • Minimally Invasive. Get a nanokiss today, and be back at work tomorrow.
  • Lasting skin results for up to a year with a single treatment.

So lets quickly summarize again what you can treat with a Nanokiss:

  1. Acne lesions and oily skin
  2. Mild to moderate rhytides
  3. Scars and keloids
  4. Burn Scars
  5. Alopecia
  6. Stretchmarks / Striae Distensae
  7. Lax skin
  8. Hyperpigmentation

Do we say that genuine skin actives created through years of research are not effective?

Absolutely NOT!

If we were to go head on head you will loose in the long run. But if you combine your skin active with our Nanokiss, in other words if you deliver your skin active on target through the nanokiss micro channels, you will be astounded at the results.  You will get far superior and much longer lasting results than what you currently get with any type of exfoliation. Nanokiss PCI active delivery, protects the newly forming skin growth from the elements just like nature intended and as it did when you were younger. Safely under the epidermis.

Even though you will get astounding skin renewal and correction results with just a dry nanokiss PCI treatment, (nature does the work AND supplies the peptides), if you treat your skin to a nanokiss with your genuine skin active peptides you will speed up skin renewal and improve collagen induction with long lasting skin correction results. In fact you will not believe how your serum or active will perform if combined with a nanokiss. United we stand, divided you fall. The  nanokiss always works. It will stimulate the stem cells in the basal layer to improve, create new skin cells and correct skin problems. You look younger, because your skin is younger.

The process is minimally invasive with little downtime, compared to other treatments giving the same results. Get treated today, and be back at work tomorrow.
The treatment can be used on all Fitzpatrick types I to VI and will not cause hyperpigmentation in darker skin.

The uniqueness of skin correction with Nanokiss microneedling lies in the fact that the stratum corneum is preserved. “Even more remarkably, is the fact that three major cell groups (the keratinocytes, fibroblasts and melanocytes) can all be positively regulated by this simple treatment” says Dr Desmer Destang in Issue 4, 2013, American Journal of Aesthetic Medicine.

Please watch the video in the article below full screen and it should become clear to you why the Nanokiss PCI treatment works.