Sun damaged skin can be corrected safely.

skin needling now feels like a kitten is licking you.

skin needling now feels like a kitten is licking you.

Sun damaged skin can be repaired and reversed safely.

Horse riders and other outdoor sports people spends a lot of their time under the sun. Hopefully they take extra precaution to protect their skin from the sun’s harsh ultra violet rays by wearing a hat and regularly applying sun screen. Premature aging and even skin cancer can be the result of prolonged unprotected exposure of skin by the sun.

What most outdoor people do not realize is that sun screen needs to be re-applied every two to four hours depending on the quality of the product they use. To our knowledge there is not a single sun screen or sun block that can be applied once in the morning and will last the entire day. It is vitally important that you apply your sun screen as directed on regular intervals to get the protection that you need.

By the time you reach the age of thirty, your natural skin replacement cycle slows down and your skin starts to age because less collagen and elastin is produced. The older skin cells also lacks moisture and aging lines and wrinkles appear. Hyper pigmentation takes place in the areas damaged by the sun resulting in dark spots.

Most educated people are aware that new skin growth can be induced through regular exfoliation by scrubbing off some of the dead skin cells. The newly forming cells however are now exposed to the elements and the sun, and if extra care is not taken can result in permanent thinner skin.

Skin specialists and beauticians offers invasive skin renewal techniques like laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and chemical peels to get rid of dead skin but to the extend that patients need to practically hide from the sun for up to two weeks at a time because the dermis is now exposed to the elements and highly vulnerable.

In 1997 a Canadian skin specialist Dr Camirand discovered by accident that if a matrix of microscopic injuries are created in the dermis under the epidermis with a tattoo needle, that the natural healing power within your body will stimulate natural skin growth and discard imperfect skin cells and broken down collagen like it did in your younger days.

Because the epidermis remains practically intact the new skin growth is protected by the epidermis until mature enough to surface naturally. Just like mother nature renews skin. Further pioneering work and clinical trials on thousands of patients in the skin renewal field by a South African skin specialist Dr Des Fernandes and some of his colleagues all over the world has led to a term now commonly known as percutaneous collagen induction.

 The epidermis is an extremely complex, highly specialized organ. It may be only 0.2 mm thick but it is our sole protection from the environment. We should never damage the epidermis unless the risk of leaving the epidermis intact is greater than the risk of removing it. Wrinkles and spots are hardly a good excuse to destroy this wonderfully complex interface that we have with the world. Whatever we do, we should try to ensure that the basic normal architecture of the skin is never altered. To rejuvenate facial skin and really look young, we need a perfect epidermis with natural dermal papillae, good hydration, normal color, and normal resilience. – Dr Des Fernandes –

The idea of a needle may still invoke fear in some people, but they can put their fears aside. Modern electronic precision skin induction with a Nanokiss makes use of disposable needle cartridges. The needles are so tiny they can be compared to the spikes on your cat’s tongue and treatment does actually feel like you are being licked by a cat. The nanokiss treatment is not just reserved for skin renewal on the face but can be used on any part of the body . Surgical scars, burn scars, acne scars, stretch marks and dark spots, lines and wrinkles can be corrected. There is no risk of hyper pigmentation after treatment regardless of skin color. A very mild skin numbing gel is used prior to the treatment making it comfortable.

Another great advantage of this minimally invasive skin renewal technique with a nanokiss is, that there is practically no downtime and treatment is fast. You can be treated today, and be back at work in an hour or two. Results will be noticed within 2 weeks and skin renewal can continue for up to a year. Skin renewal of this caliber was previously reserved for the rich, but the treatment is affordable giving practically everyone with skin marring problems the chance to look young again.

Please look after your skin. Prevent looking prematurely old by protecting your skin from the sun. Your skin is your most important organ. Keep it healthy.