It all started with a tattoo

Regardless if you love them or hate them. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. And for thousands of years when peopled tattooed, something magic happened during the needling process, mother nature was creating new skin. But no one noticed, because the miracle was hidden by ink.

Tattoos has been done for thousands of years.

Tattoos has been done for thousands of years.


Dr Chris Barnard had a dream to renew cells and reverse the aging process.

Dr Chris Barnard had a dream to renew cells and reverse the aging process.

Younger skin was also a passion of famous Dr Christiaan Barnard who performed the first heart transplant. He retired quite young due to arthritis and spend most of his time researching the possibility of turning back the clock on aging and renewing damaged skin cells.


To the amazement of the medical community Dr Barnard aligned himself in 1986 with an anti aging cream known as Glycel. Dermatologists of the time remarked that the GSL skin active molecule was too big to penetrate the outer layers of the skin. When the FDA demanded evidence of the effectiveness in people the product was withdrawn.


Nine years later Dr Barnard’s dream finally revealed itself in a rather surprisingly different fashion.

In 1995 a controversial Canadian plastic surgeon Dr Andre Camirand finally stumbled upon natures ancient skin renewal secret when it dawned on him, that a scar he was camouflaging during each follow up visit with a cosmetic tattoo gun and ink was normalizing like the healthy skin surrounding the scar. Even the natural pigmentation was restored.

Further research showed that it was the tiny injuries in the basal layer of the skin caused by the tattoo gun needle that triggered natural skin renewal and increased collagen and elastin production during the healing process. He called the process Collagen Induction Therapy.

After the publication of his white paper other skin specialists quickly started doing their own clinical research. The micro needling pioneer doctor Dr Desmond Fernandus from South Africa and colleagues in several countries did experiments on different skin problems on hundreds of patients from different ethnic back grounds and skin color. Most patients experienced astounding results in skin correction. Skin actives could now also be delivered on target through the micro channels safely and the phrase Percutaneous Collagen Induction was born.

Dr Fernandus discovered that on occasion aggressive needling with a tattoo gun could cause scarring instead of renewal and developed crude but effective needle stamps. This was soon followed by the derma roller with it’s micro needles. Because of the derma roller and the effective results of collagen induction, skin needling as a cosmetic process was in it’s infancy world wide.

Now thousands of clinical tests and procedures later, technology and cosmetic chemistry has taken percutaneous collagen induction to a very precise, effective procedure to correct and renew skin. Through the invention of the Nanokiss micro needle pen, and ultra thin disposable nano needle matrix cartridges and advances in safe Nanoskin patented cosmeceutical actives and serums it is now possible for any person concerned about their skin to get a Nanokiss facial as easy as it is to go for a hair cut. When science and nature joins forces, expect to meet thy younger self.

A 1907 photo of a woman with tattoos.

Who would have known that the tiny injuries cause by a tattoo gun could lead to skin renewal.

Hats off to the first curious human being who adorned there bodies with crude needles and colored pigment . We owe you a great debt of gratitude. Thanks to you, the Nanoskin PCI foundational skin needling treatment became a modern day skin renewal marvel with little or no discomfort.Modern 84 pin Nano needle to use with a Nanokiss. There is a Nanoskin Technologist close to you.