The Vampire Face Lift arrives in South Africa

In the news:

Dr Melissa Smith, Effortless Beauty, Northcliff, Johannesburg  South Africa.

Dr Melissa Smith

Hollywood’s beauty secrets are now available at Flora Clinic.

Despite it’s rather scary name and made famous by the Kim Kardashian “reality” show, the Vampire Facelift is not a facelift at all and involves no knives, nips or tucks, but does have the rejuvenating effect of surgery.

Research reveals that it is a quick and fairly painless procedure which boosts the creation of new blood cells and collagen, and promises the best and safest skin rejuvenation known to woman.

The process is fast and very similar to a normal nanokiss micro needling skin treatment, with the addition that blood platelets are also injected under the skin in a similar fashion as fillers.

The Process:
Numbing cream is applied to the face, neck and decolletage to numb the pain.

Whilst waiting for the topical anesthetic to kick in, two vials of blood is taken from the clients arm using a needle and syringe.

The blood is then placed into a machine which spins it around at high speed for six minutes until the red and white blood cells have separated, a process that produces a plasma rich with platelets, or very small cells, which stimulate the growth of more cells.

The blood collection tube has three distinct parts. At the bottom are the dark red blood cells, in the middle are the white cells and at the top is the ‘liquid gold’, which are the platelets.

Only the platelets are re-injected back into the face, neck and decolletage via syringe and microneedling and the rest is thrown away. This whole process has to happen quickly because the platelets need to be back inside the body within ten minutes, otherwise they coagulate and turn to jelly. The holes made by the microneedling process also starts to close after 15 minutes.

We’ve all read about the challenges and dangers of cosmetic surgery, and heard negative stories about Botox and facial fillers. By contrast, the VF is non-invasive and involves no foreign bodies. The restorative powers of a person’s blood being injected back into them were first  discovered by the medical world and, in the case of the VF, by sports doctors.

Beautiful actress Anna Friel, 36, is one of the many celebrities who swear by the Vampire Facelift.

We lose about one per cent of our collagen every year from the moment we are born, so at 54 more than half of your collagen has gone.

After the initial nanoskin microneedling treatment, a session is recommended every 12 months for general maintenance.

Within two months you will see a big difference in your face, especially around your eyes. Your skin will be fresher and plumper, and there will be fewer lines, especially on the neck and around the eyes.

The test of a good procedure is not that people can tell you’ve had something done, but that they simply think you look well, happy and youthful.

The VF doesn’t give you a frozen Botox face, nor the unnaturally puffed-up cheeks which can result from badly done fillers. Happily, there is very little downtime after the procedure. There is no bruising, and just a little puffiness which will be gone within a couple of days because after the nanokiss micro needling process, Nanoskin After Care Peptides are supplied to the client to speed up healing and skin growth.